Electrolux ICON Designer E30MO65GSS

electrolux-icon-designer-E30MO65GSSIf you are in the midst of designing your perfect kitchen, you might want to consider replacing your current microwave oven and going with a built-in option like the Electrolux ICON Designer. A built-in microwave oven is designed to be incorporated right into your cupboards, saving valuable space, and it comes with a trim kit so that blends into your cupboards. With this option you get the convenience and function of a microwave oven without sacrificing style and space.

Electrolux has been one of Europe’s top appliance brands for more than 70 years. Now North Americans are getting a chance to experience the quality that has set Electrolux apart from its competition. With the ICON Designer, Electrolux has designed a beautifully efficient microwave oven that combined the traditional microwave cooking with convection cooking. The Electrolux is a revolution in microwave cooking.

The Electrolux ICON Designer uses sensor-cook technology to microwave your food to perfection. With the sensor-cook technology, there is no risk of over or under-cooking your food and no guesswork of trying to decide how long to cook your food. Instead, you put your food in the microwave, press start and leave the rest of the work up to the Electrolux ICON Designer. Sensory technology gauges the moisture levels of your food and adjusts cooking time accordingly.

The Electrolux ICON is more than a microwave oven, it also has built-in convection setting to offer even more options. Using circulated hot-air to cook, convection cooking efficiently produces even cooking results every time. Convection cooking is perfect for foods that you may not want to cook in the microwave such as meat or baked goods, but saves you from having to use your traditional oven. By combining microwave cooking with a convection option the Electrolux is bringing the microwave oven to new heights.

The Electrolux has as a variety of settings meant to maximize your cooking experience. The microwave option has a specific reheat selection that is perfect for leftovers as well as a setting to make sure that you get perfect popcorn every time. The convection side has even more programmable options to suit all your cooking needs. The automatic options include broil, bake, and roast, which relies on a standardised temperature that is good for most dishes. If you need a little more variety, there are a selection of manual options that should come in handy including a slow cook option.

The built-in nature of the Electrolux ICON Designer E30MO65GSS means that it blends into the design of your kitchen. However, even without the optional matching trim, the Electrolux boasts a sleek, sophisticated design that will make it the pride of any kitchen. With 1.5 cubic feet of cooking space and 900 watts of cooking power, the Electromix is large and powerful enough to meet all your cooking needs. It also has two racks to allow more food to be cooked at once than your traditional microwave. Powerful, efficient, and sophisticated the Electrolux will revolutionize the way you use your microwave oven and it will make a great addition to your custom kitchen.


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