GE Profile Spacemaker

For many consumers, over-the-ranger microwave ovens are a solution to small kitchens with a minimum amount of counter-space. If you have an oven that can be equipped with an over-the-range microwave, then it is a good space-saving solution. If you are in the market for an over-the-range microwave oven, then you should consider the revolutionary GE Profile Spacemaker Over the Range Microwave which is designed to improve you cooking experience and make your life easier at the click of a button, thanks to several state-of-the arts features which will change how you use your microwave oven.


The GE Profile Spacemaker comes with a variety of features designed to improve your cooking experience. With the click of a few buttons, you will be able to customize your microwave’s settings so that it’s fit your personal needs. These settings include child lock which prevents young members of your household from playing with the microwave, power saver which cuts down on the amount of power used by your microwave when it is dormant, and concurrent programming which allows you to set the controls for multiple foods at once instead of having to stop and reprogram the microwave after each use. There are several other settings that are also designed to make your life easier.

The most note-worthy setting that the GE Profile Spacemaker has, the one that will have the biggest impact on your cooking experience, is the MyPlate button. This allows you to easily cook foods that are part of the USDA’s innovative MyPlate program. Microwave ovens are often seen as a tool of convenience, meant to make life on the go a little better, but with the GE Profile there is also an emphasis on healthy eating. The MyPlate button gives you careful, easy-to-follow instructions on how to best cook healthy foods. With the MyPlate button, the GE Profile makes it easier than ever to cook healthy food fast and efficiently.

Being an over-the-range model The GE Profile comes equipped with an exhaust fan for proper ventilation. The GE Spacemaker is equipped with a 4-speed fan that allows you to control the level of ventilation needed. This is one more way that the GE Profile Spacemaker allows you to customize and control your microwave experience.

The GE Profile combines efficiency and power to create a microwave oven that is perfect for fulfilling the needs of a busy family. At 1.9 cubic feet the GE Profile microwave oven has the capacity to hold a large amount of food and the 14.25 inch turntable and adjustable wire rack add to over-all convenience of the GE Profile by making it possible to cook multiple items at once. With 1000 watts of power, it is also able of quickly and efficiently cooking almost any food.

Keeping in mind the demands of a busy family the GE Profile is also equipped with an easy-clean interior. This material makes it simple to clean your microwave of all the spills and splatters that occur with use and saves you the hassle of having to scrub down your microwave. The GE Profile Spacemaker was designed to make your life easier and maximize your cooking experience and that’s what it does.


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