Panasonic Genius Prestige NNSD997S

Microwave ovens have a reputation for being a bit boring and one dimensional. While it’s true that microwave ovens can be used for a variety of things, most people normally don’t bother. It’s not that the microwave oven isn’t convenient, because it is, in fact convenience is one of the biggest selling features of the traditional microwave oven. People buy them because they are convenient, but in the end they rarely end up doing more with their left-overs than making popcorn or re-heating left overs. However, the Panasonic Genius Prestige NNSD997S will challenge all your preconceived notions on microwave cooking by taking it to a new level.

panasonic-prestigeOne issues that many people have with the microwave oven is that, despite most microwave ovens being equipped with as many as 10 power levels, everything seems to cook on high. This means that a lot of food ends up over-cooked an unappetizing. The reason for this is that while traditional microwave ovens have multiple levels of power, this is achieved by using bursts of high power instead of actually being equipped with a lower power setting. This means that a lot of food that sshouldn’tbe cooked on high is still exposed to the high power, though for a shorter duration, which leads to food being over-cooked. This is where the Panasonic Genius Prestige NNSD997S stands out from the crowd.


The Panasonic Genius Prestige NNSD997S possess revolutionary technology that will change the way you think about your microwave oven. Using new Inverter technology, the Panasonic provides a microwave oven that actually provides multiple levels of power, instead of simply using high power in shorter bursts. The Panasonic does this by constantly providing energy to the microwave, but using inner sensors to control the level of power.

With the NNSD997S you will no longer have to suffer through burnt edges and cold spots in your food; instead all the food will cook evenly at the required temperature. No more thinking of microwave as a sub-par method of cooking, only to be used when you are in a hurry. Instead you’ll start seeing your microwave oven as a way to make delicious food in a matters of minutes.

The Panasonic Genius Prestige NNSD997S’ inverter technology will forever change the way you use your microwave oven. With the Panasonic cooking in your microwave will be as easy as ever, but with must tastier results. Instead of the dry, over-cooked food that you’ve come to expect from your microwave oven, the Panasonic gives you the option of making delicious, healthy food in much less time than the stove or oven. With the Panasonic fast doesn’t have to mean inferior.

Microwave ovens are a great solution to the time demands of a busy schedule. For a mom-on-the-go or a busy professional, you don’t always have the time to dedicate to cooking a traditional meal. This is where the Panasonic Genius Prestige  will serve you well, because it is large enough to fit an entire casserole dish inside, making it easy for you to serve dinner on the go and the Inverter technology means that you won’t be sacrificing taste in the process.

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